Another major Anti-Fraud feature – Filter Junk Traffic

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Fight Junk Traffic

With the further evolution of traffic cheating in 2017, how to fight junk traffic has became an important task for advertisers and affiliate networks.
Now Fuseclick enables you to set the time interval in Minutes/Hours to detect and filter out junk traffic coming from same IP/Device within that time frame. These junk clicks will not be recorded for billing, further reducing your costs.
For example – You set the Time interval as 6 hours and let’s say you get 100000 click requests suddenly from the same IP/Device within this time interval, then Fuseclick will record in your reports (under all clicks and gross clicks) as only 1 click, rest 99,999 clicks will not recorded.
Filter Junk Clicks Settings
(Figure 1. Filter Junk Traffic)

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