Monthly Features Update Release v1.7.0

Features Release Alina 0℃


Going forward to improve our tracking system we asked you guys, what features can really add value for you. We are very thankful and appreciate your feedback!

So now we are ready to introduce December’s Feature Release v 1.7.0

(NEW) Extra option for CAP calculation

Choose what to do with conversion happening after, if click has been occurred before offer reaches the CAP.

  • – Not Accepted: System will discard these conversion requests.
  • – Pending: System will accept the conversions and mark them“Pending” in the conversion report.
  • – Rejected: System will accept the conversions and mark them“Rejected” in the conversion report.


(NEW) API Key Management

Now you can generate API key for the Network or your Affiliate from Admin account automatically in Tools Menu, just by providing IP Address.


(NEW) Affiliate Invoices & Advertiser Invoices Exporting:

To simplify payment process we added Export button to download all info you need for invoice generation.


(NEW) More API methods:

  1. getOfferApplicationList: Get affiliate’s applications, who has“Need Approve”status
  2. changeOfferApplicationStatus: Approve or reject affiliate applications for“Need Approve”status
  3. setConversionStatus: Change conversion status
  4. getOfferAffiliateList: Get approved/blocked affiliate offer’s list
  5. setOfferAffiliateList: Set approved/blocked affiliate offer’s list

Along with these, some improvements were added:

-Sub_Affiliate_ID and Device_ID  parameters were added to Unique ID Rule calculation



-Offer Application List: The“Approve”button changes to gray when application is marked as Rejected. Now it looks different from Pending applications.

-Create Offer Dialog: Advertiser ID has been added to the list along with their names to distinguish Advertisers, using the same name


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