Automation & Optimization The Life Blood of Performance Marketing Industry

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Since the beginning of 2020 and the onset of the COVID-19, the stability of the world’s economy and society has experienced a tough test. We are already in the middle of 2021 and the impact of the epidemic still continues to baffle us all. There has been a sea-change in the way the people have been functioning; be it the consumer or the marketer seeking the attention of the consumer. Technology, especially the internet-based ones, has played an important role to help adapt to newer challenges. Faced with various uncertainties as with any other industry, the AdTech & MarTech industry urgently needs reliable commercial strategies to overcome the adverse effects and boost the ROI of every Dollar that is spent.

Automation & Optimization: The life blood of Performance Marketing Industry

ROI optimization is a long-term task for enterprises. Therefore, how do companies choose more efficient and precise innovative technologies to achieve the long-term goal of ROI optimization? At Fuseclick, we are at the forefront in embracing the latest market trends and continue to enhance our own capabilities to boost revenue as well as optimize ROI for our customers.

Based on our long-term industry insights and a huge amounts of first-hand data, FuseClick has developed highly targeted ROI automation & optimization tools that help our partners achieve higher ROI by automatically optimizing across multiple dimensions such as Offer, Click Conversion, Traffic Operation, and Fraud Prevention to name a few.
Offer Test:
As we all know, the fewer the number of jumps from Offer to the app store/landing page, the faster the content page delivers, which helps to increase the conversion rate as well as enhance the performance of ROI. FuseClick has Offer Test function, which can detect Offers automatically and at regular pre-set intervals. During the detection, different channels will be selected according to the GEO and OS settings of Offer, and various jumps will be followed to the application store. Customers can set the acceptable maximum number of jumps, and the system will automatically cancel the promotion of offers that exceed the number of jumps. The Offer Test service provided by FuseClick is not just limited to the Offers in the system but can also be used to test any Offer URL and explore the jump chain behind it. The figure below is a flow diagram that combines automated functions such as importing offers, testing, and monitoring performance.

Offer Test

Automatic import, detection and monitoring of OER Process

Click – Conversion Optimization

Traffic jump optimization: To make the most use of traffic, FuseClick provides multi-destination jump settings for abnormal traffic. At the same time, it provides the Server Click function, which can direct the traffic to the final advertising page and reduce the loss of the traffic among the intermediate multi-layer system. Some channel systems will send Click repeatedly after Click occurs. If a large number of repeated Clicks reach the advertiser’s system, it will affect the advertiser’s evaluation of the traffic quality. In this case, it is necessary to de-duplicate Click. In the system, customers can turn on the Filter Junker Traffic function, which will block repeated click within a certain time interval. This time interval can be configured as required from 10 seconds to 12 hours.

Data source: test data

System Click Statistics include All Click, Gross Click, Unique Click, Click-Unrepeated, and the Statistics rule as follow.

System Click Type

Smart limitation:

During online promotion, the daily routine of the operations department are docking, testing and optimizing. In order to improve the efficiency, the comparisons from various dimensions and aggregated data are discovered. The Smart Limitation function of FuseClick can automatically complete screening, filtering and optimization.

When advertisers have restrictions on the total amount of traffic, this function can automatically meet these requirements while saving manpower and time for the operations department. For some large channels, the traffic will come from different sub-channels. While the quality of the traffic from different sub-channels varies, customers can analyze the quality of these sub-channels using the platform’s report data and then block the sub-channels that do not meet the quality or performance standards.

The parameter filtering function of FuseClick can also set specific values for blocking specific parameters of sub-channels, traffic sources, and custom parameters. In addition, it can also be made mandatory that the device ID must be included in the channel Click. Generally, the advertiser system will have its traffic evaluation mechanism and will set requirements for traffic quality.

FuseClick recommends that parameters of sub-channels be passed to the advertiser system through the Offer URL, so as to achieve precise control during optimization and avoid harming the pond. Parameter filtering rules can be combined with the Smart Limitation function to realize automatic discovery and management.

Automatic screening of low efficiency sub channel rule cases

CPA Object

Anti-fraud system:

FuseClick internally connects with specialized, global fraud detection services, which can automatically push conversion data to these service platforms for detection. By setting the inspection rules, the scope of the tested data could be determined. Customers can select the channel, offer, event conversion, status conversion, and so on. After the rule being established and activated, the system will start to push detection in real-time.

FuseClick is a third-party PaaS platform that focuses on providing complete global mobile advertising tracking, performance analysis and optimization, and operation management for enterprise customers such as global affiliates, mobile advertising agencies, media agencies, and mobile game publishers.

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