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Affiliate marketing now covers an ever-wider audience and has been one of the most effective ways to boost profit with many brands admitting up to 40% of sales coming through the performance channel. It continues to attract into its fold, brand owners and networks alike.

However, it can be complicated to promote your product through affiliates. There are multiple facets to be considered, such as discovering and establishing a relationship with affiliates, choosing a payment method, tracking methods and technical integrations.

Of course, the first step is to choose which affiliate marketing technology/platform to use and why? The most fundamental competitiveness is the technology itself. You can either build your own internal solutions or use a mature third-party SaaS Performance Tracking platform.

The self-developed solution is more attractive when the company has their own servers and databases and has the technical resources to be responsible for all updates, integrations, bug-fixing, etc.

Alternatively, opting for a third-party SaaS Performance Tracking platform, installed and hosted on best-in-class server environments with no complicated software installation could be looked into, so that one can get started quickly.

FuseClick performance marketing platform automates all routine and mundane tasks for you sparing your team the time needed to focus on growing the business, analyzing and optimizing online advertising campaigns. A subscription-based SaaS system means lower initial costs. We take responsibilities for all updates, technical support, real-time network management as well as tracking so that you can build your relationships with your partners!

with FuseClick you get to use:
• Intuitive embedded analytical tools to track the marketing performance of your advertising campaigns
• Manage offers, materials, affiliates and marketing activities
• Set operating rules for campaigns
• Transfer payment to your partners
• Reserve records of all campaigns uniformly

FuseClick – to Be Your Powerful Affiliate Marketing Tool

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FuseClick has extensive experience working with different clients from SME to large enterprises. It can be said that we know how to help our customers grow rapidly. We have a holistic understanding of the concerns and needs of the affiliates industry.

With the FuseClick, you can easily manage advertising campaigns

The platform covers different business models such as CPA, CPL, CPI, etc. In addition, the user will get a feature-rich platform with statistical analysis, Smartlinks, budget management, KPI, smart targeting, API and automated offer test, billing tools, anti-fraud monitoring, CRM docking and many more. Everything you need in your affiliate marketing business has been carefully designed and engineered for your every need.

Offers from third-party systems or self-developed systems of popular affiliates can be automatically imported and updated to the FuseClick system through FuseAdz. So far, FuseClick has docked with multiple affiliates. There is no need to manually enter offers one by one or write API scripts to import offers by their own R&D team. Save time and energy.

Multiple Tracking Domain
In response to the problem that many affiliate tracking domains are blocked by browsers or social media, FuseClick provides the function of customizing multiple Tracking Domains. In the same system, users can assign tracking domains to different advertisers or offers according to their needs.

Detailed Click Log
When you need to analyze the traffic and avoid traffic problem, you can easily download the CSV file to analyze the source, region, device, etc. of each Click.
Built-in Anti-fraud Detection
FuseClick has completed the docking with two third-party anti-fraud systems. The review unit can be as small as part of the conversion in a single Campaign. After FuseClick’s anti-fraud function is screened, your third-party anti-fraud detection costs can be reduced exponentially.

Hide Affiliate Referrer
The function of the source of the channel hidden from the upstream, better maintains the confidentiality of information. And this function can be modified at the offer level.

Extended Targeting Rule
The audience targeting function has been expanded. At present, FuseClick’s new audience targeting indicators cover regions, operator, operating system and version.
Updated Reporting
The report system is updated, and now more indicators can be reflected in the report, such as device operating system, version number and operator.
Robust APIs
FuseClick has recently opened more than 20 new API rules to better support customers’ operational needs.

Affiliate Parameters Integration Preset
The channel docking parameter preset function makes it more convenient and time-saving for you to dock with affiliates who use different systems.

The digital advertising market is changing rapidly. In the face of the new opportunities and challenge, FuseClick is committed to continuously fulfill customer demands on the basis of fully considered market needs.

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