Monthly Features Update v 1.8.0: Extended targeting tools and Improvements

Features Release Alina 0℃


January update v 1.8.0 is dedicated to targeting tools. More features and improvements find here:

(NEW) OS Version Targeting:

Manage traffic from specific OS version or even range:


(New) City Targeting:

Manage traffic from more than 2,716 regions/states and 125,675 cities:


(NEW) Traffic Type Management:

Set your own traffic types to notify your Affiliates about preferences about particular offer.



  1. Added Click State and City parameters to Overall Report
  2. Added parameters for Advertiser system in Offer URL:

{RAW_UA}: the original string of User Agent without URL encoded.

{CLICK_TIME}: click time in FuseClick system.

  1. Automatic calling to Affiliate’s postback URL, when “setConversionStatus” API method is used to change conversion status from “Rejected/Pending” to “Approved”.


  1. Add Exact Time in Affiliate/Offer CAP Warning Email.


  1. Bugs Fixed.
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