Monthly features update v1.10.0

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(NEW) Extended Callback options
Before: Affiliate had to set a Postback in FuseClick system, and when conversion happened FuseClicks called Postback URL from the Affiliate side. Limitation: no more than 10 Global Postback URLs and 10 event’s Postback URLs. To change any parameter in a Postback affiliate had to make adjustment manually in a system.
Now: We have added a callback parameter in tracking link, which is definitely more flexible and convenient way for Affiliate. He does not need to set Postback URL in FuseClick system anymore (this option is still there but it’s not compulsory). Instead of that, Affiliate can just modify a tracking link by adding an encoded URL as a callback parameter.

  • Original URL after adding parameters:{DEVICE_ID}&o_id={OID}&t_src={SOURCE}&sub_aff={SUB_AFFID}&aff_clk_id={AFF_CLICK_ID}

  • After you encoded the Postback URL, it will look like this:

  • Final Tracking link after adding encoded part as a value to“Callback”parameter (shown in italics):

Once conversion happens, our system can call both Callback URL as well as Postback URL, depends on the way that affiliate chose.

 (NEW)  New macros were added in Offer URL
We extended a number of macros available in Offer URL:  now system can pass Affiliate Name, Device OS Version and Click Time to advertiser system using place holders {AFFNAME}, {DEVICE_OS_VERSION},  {CLICK_TIME}, {UA} and {RAW_UA}


Some words about {UA} and {RAW_UA}. Both of them are user agent parameters. Differences lie in a way of data passing.
{UA} user agent with URL escape – means that system will encode a stream into particular way while passing the data, with subsequent decoding by network system. This encryption helps to preserve accurate stream from data loses.
{Raw UA} user agent with URL escape – passes data without any encryption, so it can be used by those networks, who doesn’t have decoder. But in this case received data might be inaccurate.

 (NEW) Conversion Report Update
New Parameters were added in Conversion Report: Carrier and OS Version.


And 3 new parameters to Conversion Details:  State, City, Device & OS Version, Carrier and Language.



  1. Offer Management page performance has been improved.
  2. Affiliate Tier Offer Details page performance has been improved.
  3. Bugs Fixed
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