Monthly Features Update v1.6.0: Server click, Data migration and More

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FuseClick takes care about customer growth and welcomes customer requirements and feedback to constantly improve our platform
In November 2016, we are happy to announce performance improvements as well as 2 new features.

(New!) Server Click

Sometimes links cannot work properly. To prevent click loss and decrease redirect time, user can be led directly to App Store or Google Play. System will notify advertiser system such as Appsflyer, Adjust about this click. To activate this feature, contact our support!

(New!) Offer Import

Data migration from other platforms became easier! Use for offer import:  create a new task using API Keys, and check the result in special report! More platforms will be added soon.

Contact Support or BD to get more information.

Along with new features, some system improvements were added, to make your work process more convenient and faster:

  1. 3 new API methods:


  1.  WeChat and QQ in IM List


  1. Agent Parameter for Offer URL
  2. Error support for HTTP 303 and HTTP 305 in Affiliate Post Back URLs’ testing
  3. Pagination for affiliates and offers14
  4. Clicks redirection to pending offers in the GEO groups
  5. 3-month and 6-month session lifespans

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Support: vivianlhy123
BD: phadetejas

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