Monthly Features Update v1.9.0: ISP Targeting & Analysis, OS Analysis, Hiding Affiliate Referrer and Improvements

Features Release Alina 0℃


We glad to introduce a new monthly feature release where we continue to improve targeting and analysis tools!

(NEW) Device OS, OS Version, and Carrier ISP Analysis:

Tree extra parameters Device OS, OS Version and Carrier ISP were added into Overall Report to make your analysis more accurate and exhaustive.


(New) ISP Targeting:
Use ISP provider parameter to target your audience more accurate.


(NEW) Hiding Affiliate Referrer

Hide the Affiliate referrer information from Advertiser.
If you turn it ON, the tracking system will hide Affiliate referrer from Advertiser. Advertiser will receive tracking link with link name like this



  1. API and API Key Management Improvement: if API client’s IP is different from one that was installed in API Key        Settings, the system will show 6104 error along with the current client’s IP address so he could add this into his IP list.
  2. Acceptance of Server Click: Affiliate system should add parameter “fc_no_redirect=1” to its tracking link to change    the response HTTP status codes from 302 to 200, only this parameter is acceptable for server click.
    Otherwise, user will get response 302.
  3. Bugs Fixed






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