How to manage campaigns with different price models for one Offer?

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Imagine that affiliates are promoting a CPI Offer for your network, and your media-buyer team is posting the Offer to DSP platforms in CPM price model in the meantime. How to track the traffic in such ONE Offer?
These two different promotion channels use different models to calculate the cost. For CPI price model, you will pay to affiliates for installations or conversions; for the CPM price model, the media buyer team will pay to DSP platforms for impressions. How to do the billing in such ONE Offer?
Usually, finance needs to collect data from different systems and then summarize for the total cost of the Offer.

FuseClick provides you convenience by automation of these tasks.
In FuseClick, you can set CPI campaigns and CPM campaigns for one same Offer. FuseClick Campaign system will calculate both cost of installations/conversions for CPI campaigns and cost of impression for CPM campaigns.

FuseClick Tracking system aggregates all of the cost under the Offer automatically, so you can get the profit of the Offer at a glance.
Similarly, you can set CPC campaigns to calculate costs when a click occurs. Everything works smartly in FuseClick.

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