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V1.5.0 Update

In order to provide better service to our customer, FuseClick team persists in releasing 2 updates per month  for our system improvements.
This update is for introducing 3 new features and performance improvements in the FuseClick system.

I. New Features

  • Added 3 new parameters: Affiliate Clicks ID, Sub Affiliate ID and Device ID
    With this update, the Affiliates can send or share more information about their clicks and devices.
  • Integration with Appsflyer
    This update will allow to connect and integrate efficiently with 3rd party IT solutions providers like Appsflyer. FuseClick is introducing a new parameter as an ID which can be used for connection with Appsflyer
  • Support for per hour based Report
    Now the report can be viewed by per hour basis.

II.  Performance Improvements

  • Optimized loading speed of the webpages of the system
  • Optimized performance for exchange rate service
  • Bug fixed
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