FuseClick updates from March 2018

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  1. New Full-screen UI:

Say goodbye to the small screen UI! FuseClick is now updated to full screen UI. The full screen information display will bring you a better visual experience while using the product.


  1. News Notifications within the platform:

Get the latest news notifications from FuseClick within the platform! We have introduced a notification system in FuseClick. You can click on the “bell” icon in the top right corner of the page to see the latest news from FuseClick, including feature updates and other important announcements.


  1. Smart Redirection by App ID:

A network who manages CPI business always gets the same App from different advertisers. In Google play, the same App is with the same APPID and in Android market, it is with the same package name. While promoting these offers, if traffic doesn’t match the GEO targeting rules or reach caps, the traffic will loss. To avoid this, FuseClick has released the feature of Smart Redirection by App ID. With this feature, FuseClick will randomly lead the traffic to the same APPID/Package Name offers. This function will reduce the loss of traffic, increase the end user experience and the overall benefit of the network.

For more information on Smart redirection by APPID feature, please refer below guide:


  1. OtherUpdates and optimization.
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