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Need an AD tracking service, a performance-based advertising solution? Don’t miss the opportunity to meet FuseClick!


FuseClick is a stable advertising SaaS solution for performance-based marketing tracking and data analyzing.  Its first version was released by iFerox Limited at September 2, last year.

FuseClick’s tracking system provides users with fast AD redirecting speed and high tracking reliability.  Users can integrate with 3rd party systems, get real-time reports, and analyze data based on the reliable data process    system. Apart from these, you can also manage advertisers, affiliates/publishers, offers and multiple events, etc.   in this system.

FuseClick is deployed on AWS cloud platform – six tracking nodes have been established around the world. Our highly skilled technical team made a great effort on optimizing server nodes and redirect speed, especially in Southeast Asia, India, South America, and so on.

FuseClick also can deploy more nodes on demands, to lead traffic to local servers. The deployment of a new  node can be done in few hours.


The system architecture is scalable. It can process more than billions of clicks every day, and it can do more  when traffic increases. FuseClick is the choice of many Agencies,  AD Networks for improving traffic capacity, re-ducing risk of conversion loss, and improving the overall ROI.

 Big Bang! FuseClick V1.0 released on 09/02/2015!

After closed Alpha and Beta testing by our customers in 3 months, FuseClick V1.0 released on 09/02/2015! As the first releasing version, FuseClick comes with more than 50 core features as following:

1. Basic Characteristics
 ( 1)Free Account Setup
(2)Quick Log in
(3)Brand Construction
(4)Network Basic Settings
(5)Affiliate Identification
(6)Account Information

2. Publisher Portal
(2)Global Offer Searching
(3)Offer Searching & Management
(4)Get Offer Resources
(5)Offer Multiple Backup Settings
(6)Pixel and Post Back URL Management
(7)Real-time Reports
(9)Account Information

3. Network Management
(1)Employee Management
(2)Advertiser Management
(3)Offer Management
(4)Affiliate Management
(5)Offer GEO Groups Management
(6)Offer Categories Management
(7)Affiliate Payout Tiers Management

4. Tracking
(1)S2S Integration
(2)Pixel Tracking
(3)Offer & Affiliate Caps
(4)GEO & Device Targeting
(5)Offer Access Control
(6)Offer Multiple Backup Settings
(7)Offer-Multiple Payout Level

5. Anti-Fraud
(2)Advertiser Security Token
(3)Prevent Bot Traffic
(4)IP White List

6. Email Service
(1)Email Settings
(2)Email Template
(3)Email Notification
(4)Send Email Tool

7. Real-time Report System
(1)Overall Report
Hourly/Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Year Report
Click Country Report
Device Report
(2)Conversion Report
(3)Test Report and so on.

8. Billing System

(1)Affiliate Payment
(2)Minimum Invoice Threshold for Auto Generate Invoices
(3)Affiliate Billing
(4)Advertiser Billing

9. Affiliate Offer Tracker

Virtual Testing Tool


2015.10.10 FuseClick v1.1.0

New Face – UI upgraded to have better user experience.
New Feature – Operation Log, it is easy to relocate the issues by mistaken operating.

2015.10.19 FuseClick v1.2.0 

More Integration – API released to all roles in FuseClick.  For now, FuseClick have more than 60 API  to Net-works, Affiliates/Publishers and Advertisers.
Mobile Performance management is more professional and efficient than any time.

2015.11.04 FuseClick v1.2.1

More Secure – FuseClick supports SSL Tracking now!
More Precise – FuseClick updates all money to high precision (0.001) in the whole system, both in Network portal and Affiliate portal!

2015.12.10 FuseClick v1.2.2

Less Cheating – FuseClick develops the new Anti-Fraud algorithm. Networks are able to customized the rules to define an Unique Click to block cheating traffic.
Test Report has been improved.

2016.01.22 FuseClick v1.3.0

Welcome to FuseClick Dashboard! The dashboard is online for Networks and Affiliates/Publishers! It is clear  to have an overview of your statistics.

Meanwhile FuseClick has some new features as following:

1.Offer Conversion Points Management – the conversion point is an important reference for affiliates/publishers.
2.Post Back Calling Log – each conversion record has a list of Post Back Calling Log now. It is clear to see if the    Post Back URL/Pixel of third-party systems has been called by FuseClick.
3.Report exporting is available to Affiliate/Publisher. Affiliate/Publisher is able to export the report data as Net-  works!

2016.04.01 FuseClick v1.3.1

Data Safety – After researching client’s requirement, FuseClick develops Conversion Backup function.
Network could set a Global Post Back URL for Backup System to synchronize all conversions; once a conversion   happens, no matter the conversion is rejected or approved.

More API – There are new API to get Advertiser/Offer by Account Manager, to get Account Manager/Offer    by Advertiser.

2016.05.19 FuseClick v1.4.0

FuseClick’s Multi-Event feature released!

Multi-Event is the biggest release in 2016. Each offer has an Event Tree to manage events. The relationship    between event nodes could help Network and Advertiser to track events more accurately. Sub-event cannot be     converted before its Parent-event/Pre-event converted.

More flexibility in Price model –  for each event the separate price model is available. An event is able to have different price models for Revenue and Payout. For example, event A has RPA+RPS Revenue and CPA Payout.




2016.07.08 FuseClick v1.5.0

New parameters – FuseClick added 3 new parameters:“Affiliate Click ID”, “Sub Affiliate ID” and “Device ID”.

If you want to pass the values to Advertiser System,  just setup these macros in Offer URL and then you can  view the results from Conversion Report clearly.

Besides the regular releasing, we have period updating every 2 weeks. Every update has bug fixing and improvements in   function, UI and performance.

FuseClick also has some customized features which are open to some clients already. If you are interested,    please contact our Support Team (By email: for more information.  FuseClick  provides     response instantly for emergency help by Skype, QQ and other IMs.

Great thanks for our clients and partners! Today let’s celebrate the anniversary of FuseClick!


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