Year-end Wrap-up & New Pricing

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New Pricing

FuseClick 2nd anniversary – wrap-up and news!

 In the run-up to FuseClick’s 2nd anniversary, now is the time to take stock of the encouraging results achieved and announce a new price initiative for the upcoming year!

During FuseClick 2-year lifetime, we went through a several rounds of investments, one year of product development and testing, and 2 years of full market operation. The major output of our efforts – is customer trust and appreciation. We could reach a worldwide coverage with more than 15 countries and 300 companies! With valuable customer’s feedback, we are moving forward with the constant improvement of our service and client supports.
GOOD NEWS! Since now, we are ready to introduce a new pricing policy with 60-80%OFF your tracking cost. Now clients are given 3 pricing plans to choose (still post-paid!) based on different combinations of clicks, server file storage, and support options. For all above the plan limit costs, we also provide a nice price cut. Along with discounts, you do not pay for unwanted clicks! 

Partners & Clients Speak up:

“Fuseclick is our little secret weapon that helps us to stand out from competitors. With this solution, we have seen the minimum discrepancy with advertisers and publishers that are actually giving us a big advantage on competitors. We like FuseClick simplicity – you can set campaigns really fast. It’s pretty straightforward so we have never been messed up with settings. We love it.”-Ihor Korobka (TITLE, Approach X)

“Fuseclick, according to me is the best tracking platform I have ever worked on. Its not only easy to use but also the most cost-effective platform in the market. Fuseclick’s robust APIs extensively helped me to create, optimize and monitor all aspects of campaigns running on fellow networks” – Chetan Tomar (Strategic Business Partner, Mobifyn INC)

“FuseClick boosted our ROI to a new level, that’s why we choose FuseClick.” – Xinghua Wong (Head of Product & Sales Engineers, Appcoach)

“Since Yeahmobi deepened its mobile marketing involvement in India, FuseClick drew our attention by its rigorous standards on technology. Yeahmobi has reached a partnership with FuseClick in 2017, and wish to extend the relationship in coming years.” – (Yeahmobi)

What has been released for the last year

During the last year, we’ve completed 12 features, 50+ feature improvements, 200+ backside system updates. Core features we have listed below:

(1) FuseAdz – Auto-import offer platform that allows you to import updated offers from 3rd party tracking platforms as well as popular offer libraries to FuseClick. For time being, we have covered Cake, Hasoffers, Yeahmobi, Avazu, Ironsource, Appthis, Gmobi, etc. No need to write API scripts – get all things done in 1 click.

(2) Multiple Tracking Domain – it is a common problem for Networks when browsers or social medias block their tracking domain. It negatively affects the whole network’s business at least for some time, till problem get solved. To reduce this risk, we came up with customizable tracking domain: apart from default tracking domain, you can set separate ones for specific campaigns.

(3) Click Log – nice tool accessible in a CSV downloadable file for convenient traffic data analysis.

(4) Anti-fraud Detection – we’ve completed integration with 2 anti-fraud systems: 24Metrics and FraudScore to help our clients to enhance the quality of traffic. In order to make costs lower, we made it possible to detect conversions partly: you can choose the certain part of conversions that seems suspicious for you and test them only.

(5) Hide Affiliate Referrer – nice tool to keep things private from Advertiser. Can be adjusted at the offer level.

(6) Extended Targeting Rule – we covered more parameters valuable for targeting. Now City, ISP/Carrier, OS Version targeting rules are also available in a platform.

(7) Updated Reporting – Device OS, OS Version, and Carrier/ISP have been added in Reports

(8) New APIs – 20+ new APIs has been released to support new operational requirements from customers

(9) Affiliate Parameters Integration Preset – convenient setting to simplify integration between different systems

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