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Update #1: 2 modes of Hide Affiliate Referrer setting

If you don’t want your Advertiser see Affiliate referrer information, just hide it in 2 clicks! Now, this feature can be set not only for all offers by default but also can be adjusted at offer levels. For more information, please refer to: https://support.fuseclick.com/documentation/open/Configuration_Guide/2017/0711/409.html

Update #2: Control detection campaigns on demand

As we’ve recently announced, we completed integration with 2 anti-fraud systems: 24Metrics and FraudScore to help you to enhance the quality of traffic. In order to make costs lower, we made it possible to detect conversions partly: you can choose the certain part of conversions that seems suspicious for you and test them only. Integration process became much easier with detailed manuals we prepared for you – get it started right now!

Would like to detect conversions with 24Metrics? Please refer to:   https://support.fuseclick.com/documentation/open/Anti_Fraud_System/2017/0612/404.html

Prefer to detect conversions with FraudScore? Please go to:    https://support.fuseclick.com/documentation/open/Anti_Fraud_System/2017/0613/405.html

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