Impressions tracking through Pixel/impression URL in FuseClick platform

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Impressions Tracking

Along with Clicks and conversions tracking capabilities, now the FuseClick platform is loaded with Impressions tracking capabilities. Impressions is nothing but the measure of how many times an Ad has been viewed. Advertisers and networks use impressions metric in order to measure the performance of user engaging to banner ads, and to truly understand the impact of their campaign. So, with this feature, FuseClick panel will enable networks to track each time end user loads a web page that has placed our impression pixel.

Impression tracking is not only limited to be tracked using pixels. We also support impressions tracking through impression URL, so that you can integrate with ADX and DSP platforms directly and track impressions.

FuseClick provides some FREE impressions every month for tracking as per your plan. For more details, please refer to our pricing page(

Steps for Generating Impression Pixel and URL

Step 1. Go to Offer detail page->Tracking tab->turn Impressions tracking button to ON.

Step 2. Go to Affiliate detail page->Choose the offer from drop down list for which impression tracking feature is activated.

Step 3. You will see impression tracking pixel and URL will be generated automatically. You can provide this impression tracking pixel/URL tro your affiliate.

Step 4. To check impressions recorded, Go to Report->Overall report->Select Impressions and CTR options under columns and run the report.

For more information on impressions tracking or any other queries, email us at

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